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I would highly recommend Barry Radice at Lime Property Solutions who is genuine, honest, professional and willing to help everyday people achieve greater things in their life.

Rhonda - Ashfield

I recently purchased a new investment home from Lime Property Solutions. It is my first investment so the whole process was new to me. Hugh Frame helped make this process a very easy one. If at any stage I was unsure or had any doubts about where I stood, Hugh was always more than happy to help.

Jason - Bondi

For many years I have resisted getting into the property market for a couple of reasons. After meeting Barry I knew I would be able to work with him to easily buy a property and start my real estate portfolio.

Sandra – Thank You from a very contented investor.

As this is the second property I have purchased through Hugh over the years, I can say how “sound” and financially lucrative the investment has proven to be.

Jennifer – San Souci

Being a professional single person who is self employed with no superannuation I could not rely on government assistance in my old age. Barry found a property to suit my income and needs.

Olga - Sydney

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In this related Articles section, our aim is to give you further general information on property investing through highlighting some points to be extra careful of and also to supply some links to other areas and tools that should assist on your investment journey.  We hope to inform you more on topics like:


Property investing

Negative gearing property investment

Best investment in property

Negative gearing investment property

We will also look at some of the best suburbs for investment as well as investment loans, interest only loans and investment property calculators.

Attention Property Investors!  Would You Like a FREE Property Consultation in your own home?

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Dear Future Investor,

Thank you for spending time on this property investment web site!  

 There is so much to understand and know about property investment: what is negative gearing? What is positive gearing? How does negative gearing work for me? Where is the best suburb to invest? What is the best investment for me?

While we have seen clients make a lot of money in a short time getting rich quick, if that is what you were expecting in property investing’ then you must understand that to make money with minimum risk and maximum growth then Long-Term Investment Made Easy is what we offer – LIME. You may not get rich quickly through property, but following your Lime Advisors’ you will get rich and enjoy a comfortable life!

It takes a disciplined and strategic planned approach to make property investment work for you. It takes understanding and research.

Most people start with one of the last questions they should be asking in choosing an investment property?

Most investors are asking “What type of investment property is most likely to work best for me?

”Will we buy house and land?”
“Will we buy a duplex?”
“Will we buy a villa?”
”Will we buy a townhouse?”
“Will we buy a unit?”
“Will we buy off the plan?”
“Will we buy a newly built house?”
“Will we buy an older house?”
“Will we buy a cheap investment property?”
“Will we buy a positively geared investment property?”

Maybe the first question to be asking is

“Do we buy in Sydney?
“Do we buy in Melbourne?”
“Do we buy in Brisbane?”
“Will we buy in Townsville?”
“Will we buy in Perth?”
“Will we buy in Canberra?”

Then they get confused because they are unsure and ask…

“Will we buy a house?”
“Will we buy a unit?”
“What about a townhouse?”
“What can we afford to buy?”

Then to rub salt into the wound, they are worry about what is ‘market value’ and/or get nervous about negotiating the price down.

How good would it be if you knew exactly what type of property to buy that will suit your lifestyle, your budget and your goals?

How good would it be to take the guess work out of your investing and if you could choose the right property at the right price in the right location every time?!

There is no need for you to be guessing with the fully researched information you get from LIME.

LIME has over 30 years joint experience in assisting people you like you with a plan, a direction and a process for moving forward on building a property investment portfolio.

Simply by filling in your name and number on the form provided throughout this web site you can immediately commence increasing your knowledge base on investment property at no cost to yourself!

Existing Clients
Be one of the first to access the latest developments and off plan properties in Australia, often prior to any public launches. Our priority investors receive information and discounts early to maximise their investment opportunities.

Investor Information
You can locate all services you need: up-to-date Australian property market research information, non resident investor information, buying off plan information, finance options for local and foreign investors, plus the latest market updates and current property market conditions. Through our business networks, you can be working with the best Australian Brokers, the best Australian accountants and the best legal services.

News & information for investors
As an introduction to the very successful investment strategies you will be using through Lime Property Solutions, you are presented with our free eBook Property Investment How to Actually make it work for you.

If you really want to find out how successful this strategy can be, then read the book written by someone who has used the Lime strategies and been so successful, he has written an 8 chapter book, free of charge, to assist you, Check out How to build Wealth With Property on an average income

Our Clients
You will be joining with Sydney-based investors, investors from all over Australia through to foreign investors and expats from all corners of the globe. Regardless of where you are, you will receive the same service as if you were meeting with us face to face. Why not Skype us for a discussion?
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New release Brisbane, South East Queensland, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth Off Plan Apartments
Brisbane off plan apartments
Australia’s current Number 1 Investment Suburbs
The world’s number one growth city. Albion, Windsor, Newstead, Milton, Teneriffe, A walk to the CBD and South Bank, superb locations. Suitable for those looking for an off plan investment property or almost complete investment property. Inner Brisbane is undergoing significant re-gentrification, lack of rental property insures you receive a rental premium over other suburbs. Mix of one and two bedroom apartments, many with city views. Expect yields of over 5%. Excellent house and land packages also available.
Register Your Interest Now

South East Queensland Off Plan Apartments

Perth Off Plan ApartmentsPerth is now in a downturn with property prices falling. The market may plateau soon but no immanent future growth is likely.

South East Queensland, Gold Coast and Brisbane Units and House and Land Packages
Australia’s best boom towns. Still very affordable, high yielding properties available. Full research on all areas.

Melbourne Off Plan Apartments
Melbourne is unlikely to show substantial growth over the year. Melbourne yields are the lowest on record. Melbourne prices are very likely to fall this year and next.
Some small boutique project, close to the CBD, offering a mix of one and two bedroom apartments, are available.

Sydney Off Plan Apartments –
Sydney’s growth cycle is at an end. Property price falls of 3.1% in December 2015 Quarter are the largest falls in 20 years. A good mix of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments available off plan within 30 minutes of the CBD.

Good house and land available in the south west growth corridor, close to Sydney’s new airport. Your early access to new to the market and off plan properties ensures that Lime property investors are able to stay ahead of the market and have first pick of new stock

Property is the consistent performer. Is property still a good option: Our economy is relatively strong, our unemployment is at very low levels, our national debt is low compared to other developed nations, we have an ongoing property demand due to our population growth and at the same time we have an undersupply of property in some markets.
See what’s in store for 2016 and 2017, contact us for our latest Property Market Update

South East Queensland Investment Property
Brisbane Investment Property
Sydney Investment Property
Investment Property

The lowest interest rates and rising rents lead to dramatic decreases in property holding costs for both local and non resident investors Click here for further information.

Investor Information
Register now to receive early access information on upcoming off the plan properties in South East Queensland Townsville, Brisbane & Sydney.

Why purchase an investment property through Lime- View our VIDEO

Investor Information
If your investment property needs a Rental Guarantee then it’s probably the wrong investment property! Always ask yourself, “Who is paying for this guarantee?”. .. of course the answer is you! An investment in the right market will attract tenants and a guarantee is not necessary.Local Investors, cash flow projection based on a Brisbane or South East Queensland investment property buy a property for $0 per week

Thinking of buying property in Self Managed Superannuation?
Find out how to buy property in your SMSF through Lime. You can have the expert knowledge you need for property in a Self Managed Super Fund.
Too late to Inversting in NRAS
The 2014 National Budget cancelled the Government NRAS program.

Chinese Investors, we have a Cantonese and Mandarin speaker available to cater to the specific needs of our Asian investors who are looking to buy property in Australia.
Non Residents, what does it cost to hold an investment property in Australia, ask for a Cash Flow Projection

What are the Stamp duty savings ,when buying off plan property in Sydney, Brisbane, Queensland, Perth, Melbourne. Contact us to find out what is available now!
Off plan stamp duty savings in Brisbane now available.

Do you require finance for your property available for local and non resident investors

View our latest Off Plan property in Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney. Off Plan Property

Lime Media Centre
Recent reports highlight Australian investment potential

Those considering investing in real estate in Australia may be encouraged by a recent reports in the Australian media
Property investing strategies: Apartment versus house Diversification is the key. Apartments in the correct area may out-perform houses but in other excellent growth areas, an apartment may be a poor investment, As the experienced investor knows, there are no guarantees when it comes to real estate investment. Our Property Research will help you make the right decision.

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