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October 31st , 2017

Big four banks set to rake in $31b in profits, boosted by rate hike ‘tailwind’

October 30th , 2017

Why the time is right to abolish stamp duty

October 22nd , 2017

Census 2016: Locals are moving out as new arrivals target Sydney

October 22nd , 2017

BIS says Australia’s 55-year house price ‘upswing’ the longest in the world

October 11th , 2017

‘It was always going to happen’: Sydney’s disappearing freestanding homes

October 6th , 2017

Looming storm: Eight in 10 have their house on the poker table

October 4th , 2017

House hunters eye Brisbane as Sydney, Melbourne markets lose appeal: CoreLogic

October 3rd , 2017

Sydney house prices finally start to slip – have sellers left their run too late?

September 12th , 2017

Removing the capital gains tax discount could have unintended consequences

September 12th , 2017

Suffering mortgage stress? Tighten your belt now to avoid further pain

September 11th , 2017

Eight of 10 Australians don’t get financial advice. Is technology the answer?

September 4th , 2017

How personal finance has changed since 1987

August 28th , 2017

Housing affordability set to be a problem for at least 40 years

August 27th , 2017

The problem with property doomsayers

August 22nd , 2017

Reason Sydney outside top 10 cities in global liveability index is not terrorism

August 21st , 2017

The $75 a year reason women need ‘their heads read’

August 15th , 2017

Downsizing proposals for retirees simple and sensible

August 15th , 2017

Citi names 87 postcodes across Australia where apartment owners will be face tougher mortgage hurdles

August 7th , 2017

The real reason one million homes were ‘vacant’ in the census data: report

August 7th , 2017

Home ownership is in sharp decline across most of Sydney

July 31st , 2017

Surging $A means ‘rate hikes are so far away’

July 31st , 2017

NSW Labor conference backs limits on rent increases

25th July , 2017

The superannuation lobby’s field of straw men

25th July , 2017

Investors falling foul of rules on tax-deductible interest

15th July , 2017

Australians are borrowing from the banks to make their homes greener

15th July , 2017

How retirees are changing Sydney’s economic power balance

3rd July , 2017

Census 2016: Renting population growing as Great Australian Dream fades

3rd July , 2017

Forget all predictions: History does rhyme on the ASX

25th June , 2017

NSW Budget 2017-18: Disincentive announced for investors buying off-the-plan apartments in NSW

25th June , 2017

NSW Budget 2017-18: Forecasts suggest Sydney housing market unlikely to crash

18th June , 2017

Home owners: you’re not as rich as you think you are

18th June , 2017

APRA crackdown is good news for some lenders

12th June , 2017

Hiking foreign buyer fees ‘totally defies economic logic’: Industry experts

12th June , 2017

A third of home owners risk losing homes if sick: research

12th June , 2017

We’re richer, but sicker and less equal, according to the Lateral Economics Index of Wellbeing

5th June , 2017

House prices go into reverse for first time in 18 months

29th May , 2017

Australia one of the economies sitting on pensions time bomb, WEF warns

29th May , 2017

Paragon to address “the missing middle” in Sydney’s apartment market

26th May , 2017

Cost of hiring tradesmen drops as residential construction slumps

22nd May , 2017

After the boom: What Sydney can expect when the property party is over

22nd May , 2017

Depreciation press release from one of our largest depreciation companies

17th May , 2017

Townhouses seen as the new ”middle” market

15th May , 2017

Budget Changes for property investors.

11th May , 2017

What first home buyers should know before investing in ScoMo’s First Home Super Saver Scheme

1st May , 2017

London property market is awash with “dirty money”. Is this happening in Sydney?

April 26th , 2017

Housing worries: Interest rates lower despite crackdown as Labor sounds alarm on stability

April 26th , 2017

Australia’s property boom has already peaked, says UBS

April 20th , 2017

Sydney median house price hits $1.15 million: Buying becoming ‘out of the question’

April 18th , 2017

More principals and police use negative gearing than lawyers and doctors

April 18th , 2017

The five charts that prove there is a housing affordability crisis

April 9th , 2017

There’s no housing bubble – unless you’re in Sydney or Melbourne

April 9th , 2017

Sorry folks, this ain’t no property bubble

April 3rd , 2017

The Bank of Mum and Dad is just generational self-interest to keep house prices high

April 3rd , 2017

House prices jump 3.7 per cent since start of year

March 27th , 2017

Looming budget black hole caused by housing crisis

March 27th , 2017

Chinese buyers to prop up Australian housing market: Credit Suisse

March 22nd , 2017

Brisbane’s fastest selling suburbs: Where buyers face hot competition

March 22nd , 2017

Developers hunker as banks turn off dollar tap

March 20th , 2017

Federal Government urged to rein in mortgage broking industry

March 16th , 2017

Australian housing markets ‘defy belief’ but bank warns against knee-jerk policy reactions

March 9th , 2017

What clearance rates really mean when trying to sell your house

March 2nd , 2017

Three inner-Sydney districts contributed a quarter of Australia’s GDP growth in 2015-16

February 27th , 2017

DIY funds with less than $2 million not viable, say industry funds

February 22nd , 2017

How to help adult children buy a home

February 21st , 2017

Calm down, housing affordability not that bad says RBA

February 15th , 2017

$1.5 million to send your child to one of the state’s top public schools

February 13th , 2017

Why I will never buy a new apartment in Sydney

February 9th , 2017

High-speed rail and a Hyperloop: radical housing affordability plan

February 8th , 2017

Has the Sydney property bubble burst? Fewer buyers and fewer bids at auctions.

February 6th , 2017

Rates to stay the same all of 2017

January 31st , 2017

Can’t afford to buy a home? Get out of Sydney and Melbourne, says Barnaby Joyce

January 25th , 2017

Sydney, Melbourne house prices to keep rising in 2017, says NAB

January 24th , 2017

Housing affordability solutions from Sydney’s Generation Y

January 17th , 2017

Forget the poor first-home buyer. 2017 needs to be the year of the renter

January 17th , 2017

Warning on mortgage costs as bank profits squeezed

January 10th , 2017

The property market in 2017 – five predictions

January 9th , 2017

15 Suburbs set to shine in 2017

January 6th , 2017

Queensland tourism numbers looking good with more infrastructure in pipeline

January 6th , 2017

How to find more time for fun in 2017

December 20th , 2016

The tale of two parliamentary housing inquiries

November 21st , 2016

Westpac’s George Frazis hoses down apartment glut

November 18th , 2016

Markets signal RBA is done with cutting rates

November 14th , 2016

Affordable housing should come from a carrot not a stick

November 10th , 2016

Infrastructure concerns follow Parramatta Road $31 billion redevelopment plan

November 7th , 2016

Governments are powerless to make housing more affordable for first-home buyers

November 4th , 2016

The Gen Y housing crisis: it’s not just us Boomers

November 1st , 2016

Australia’s housing affordability problem explained in five historical steps

October 27th , 2016

Strongest Sydney house price growth in a year

October 26th , 2016

Scott Morrison puts states on notice over house prices

October 20th , 2016

The phenomenon of mortgage ’tilt’ and why you may never end up paying off your house

October 11th , 2016

Treasurer Scott Morrison says housing risk overdone

October 10th , 2016

The truth about interest rates and bank funding costs

October 5th , 2016

Buying a home when single is unattainable in most of Australia

September 27th , 2016

Who the banks are really screwing on interest rates

September 21st , 2016

Sydney and Melbourne property prices grow with ‘more to come’: ABS

September 19th , 2016

The house price souffle is rising again

September 13th , 2016

Five reasons we don’t have a retirement savings crisis

September 5th , 2016

Mortgage discounts decreasing

August 29th , 2016

The result of Sydney’s property boom

August 23rd , 2016

Commonwealth Bank cuts investment loan discounts – are you paying too much?

August 22nd , 2016

Life beyond the big smoke – regional centres on the up and up

August 16th , 2016

Customers figure out banks’ mortgage tricks

August 15th , 2016

No barbecue ban but pets on notice as strata regs lay down the law

August 12th , 2016

The defenders of banks don’t get capitalism. They’re holding us back

August 8th , 2016

Ground Floor units make a great property investment

August 3rd , 2016

Conspiracy theory for property investors? Reserve Bank rate cut: Why did banks respond as one?

August 1st , 2016

Banks put the brakes on high-rise developers

July 29th , 2016

SMSF investment property for the huge super funds?

July 26th , 2016

Australian housing policy needs to shift away from investors to cater to renters, say experts

July 20th , 2016

Home owners set to become the minority in Sydney

July 12th , 2016

Upgrading your home: moving versus renovating

July 18th , 2016

The sure-fire path to wealth in Australia: already be rich

July 6th , 2016

Property Investment loan rate to drop next month?

July 3rd , 2016

Brexit may boost housing demand

June 30th , 2016

Property investment for Australian expats becomes more difficult as NAB cut lending

June 27th , 2016

NSW Infrastructure spend helps investment and property investment growth

June 22nd , 2016

Brisbane’s most hipster suburbs

June 19th , 2016

How to make property investment pay off

June 16th , 2016

Baird’s half-baked property tax grab

June 15th , 2016

  Sydney now rated “world’s eighth-most important city” for wealth bracket.

June 6th , 2016

 Property experts expect up to 10 per cent house price growth by 2020

May 26th , 2016

House price growth to slow under Labor’s negative gearing policy

May 24th , 2016

 Taking the government’s advice cost me my credit rating

May 23rd , 2016

The advantages of renting over home ownership

May 21th , 2016

Aussie dream shunned in favour of ‘rentvesting’

May 20th , 2016

Newstead Series Launched by Lord Mayor – a few still available

May 19th , 2016

Property investors surge back to the market as election looms

May 9th , 2016

Cost of hiring a tradesman in NSW passes the national average by 3.2%

May 5th , 2016

How will the budget affect investment property prices?

May 4th, 2016

Sydney investment property drops but nothing to worry about

April 27, 2016

Negative gearing isn’t the bad guy

April 28, 2016

Who benefits from negative gearing?

March 31, 2016

Population Increases – Inter-state migration

March 10, 2016

Tourist Boom

March 01, 2016

Rise of the rentvestor

January 14, 2016

Sydney Rents Falling

March 01, 2016

New World City In Australia

December 03, 2015

New World City In Australia

June 12, 2015

Sydney Boom Could Be Over By Christmas

June 01, 2015

Property Goldern Triangle to buy now

March 14, 2015

Share in the advantages of property

February 23, 2015

The Great First Home Buyer Myth

October 22, 2014

Sydney median house price

October 15, 2014

Property Valuation

June 24, 2014

Best Property Prospects

May 01, 2014

Aussie Home Values Cool

March 25, 2014

Sydney House Price growth Unsustainable

March 18, 2014

The Experts

January 12, 2014

Property or Shares

January 02, 2014

Negative Gearing …..

January 02, 2014

Perth must bide time for next property boom

December 04, 2013

Brisbane Market Predictions

August 23, 2013

What happens after the election?

August 06, 2013

RBA Cuts Rates to New Record Low

July 24, 2013

Where to Buy An Investment Property

May 07, 2013

RBA Cuts Rates to Record Low

March 27, 2013

Melbourne property prices to fall further

February 25, 2013

The History of Australian Property Prices

October 30, 2012

No Property House price Bubble

October 17, 2012

Residential Property growth spurred by domestic demand

October 04, 2012

RBA More Interest Cuts On the Way

October 02, 2012

Townsville -Kirwin Running out of Property to Sell

October 01, 2012

Townsville – Palmer Street

September 26, 2012

Property Undersupply of Apartments

August 02, 2012

Brisbane property booming in the middle and round the edges

July 21, 2012

Queensland has its Mojo Back

June 01, 2012

Has the Brisbane property market turned?

April 02, 2012

Muscle Towns – Bernard Salt

April 01, 2012

Boom Nation with Recession Mentality

April 01, 2012

Townsville, “The 10 Horse Town”

February 01, 2012

No Boom in Australia

February 01, 2012

“Fastest Capital Growth in the world” – forecast for Brisbane

February 01, 2012

Muscle Towns

October 16, 2011

Beware fool’s gold of renovation – Sun Herald

August 09, 2011

Property Investors should act now

May 20, 2011

Changing demographics affects property choice

February 22, 2011

Interest rates to remain on hold.

February 22, 2011

One bedroom unit market Brisbane’s strongest

February 20, 2011

What are you waiting for? Buy Now!

February 01, 2011

Make your money on market timing! A bargain is not always a good buy

January 29, 2011

No long term price slides from Brisbane floods

January 22, 2011

Mud and Guts – Matusik Property Insights (12th January)

January 22, 2011

Prosperity could follow Queensland flood

January 20, 2011

Positives in the economic gloom

January 19, 2011

A year in two halves – Matusik Property Insights

November 01, 2010

Article capitalizing interest as a tax deduction

October 22, 2010

Property in Townsville gaining strong momentum

May 18, 2010

A more typical market cycle for Brisbane

May 07, 2010

Property in Australia

April 22, 2010

Turn your back on the coast and head for the hills

February 19, 2010

Toowoomba property market goes gangbusters